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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a closely held business, or have a complicated tax situation, Cohen CPA leverages decades of experience and strategies to address your taxes and consider how this integrates into your overall financial picture.

Our benchmark for success is helping owners overcome the stress that comes with tax filing, planning, and strategy.

Financial Advisory and Strategic CFO SERVICES

An Outsourced Chief Financial Officer oversees all financial and tax-related aspects of a business and offers advice aimed at increasing a company’s financial position, improving results of operations, and helping it grow profitably. This includes advice on anything from cash flow issues to loan structures to increasing profit margins, or overall profitability of an enterprise on a month-to-month basis.


We’re serious about saving you money and accelerating your growth – this is why tax planning is our flagship service. Tax planning involves a proactive, comprehensive, and custom analysis of your financial situation to determine strategies that will decrease your tax liability – both on your individual and business tax returns. A lowered tax burden frees up resources for growth, investment, and funding of your retirement.


As your tax and accounting firm, we care for your business finances while you take care of your clients. We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting plans. If needed, we can also set up your books, and clean up your accounting. We take the guesswork out of the equation – and we excel at what we do.


We specialize in preparing complex income tax returns, backed by years of experiences that give us the perspectives to look beyond the numbers. We always will efficiently, carefully, and accurately prepare your corporate, partnership, and individual income tax returns. We pride ourselves in paying attention to details and getting things right, as well as making sure you are paying the legal minimum in taxes. We make the tax preparation process uncomplicated for you so you don’t have to worry

Our Guiding Principle:

Enabling people to reap the benefit of being a business owner while managing your financial picture proactively.

You can expect to see…

A dedicated member of your team to interact with bankers, attorneys, vendors, etc.

An expert to help guide you through tough business decisions and to help you clarify your business plan.
More time to focus on your business growth – developing new services, attracting new customers, and dealing with other core business issues.
Analysis of everything from equipment purchases to expansion plans and mergers and acquisitions possibilities.

An enhanced understanding of the financial side of your business, giving you the power to manage the hard and true numbers of your financial picture to obtain the best benefit for your business.

Assistance in long-range planning and the development and prioritization of goals.

A specialist who will train and manage your accounting staff, leaving you with one less aspect of the business to absorb your valuable time.
Increased ease at knowing an expert is on the team overseeing and protecting the financial side of your business
Enhanced budget preparation and monitoring.
Someone to review and negotiate everything from insurance policies to financing options and rates.
The development of accounting procedure manuals.
Tips and strategies for saving on taxes.
Better cash management.
Profitability analysis per type of products and service lines your business offers.


“Before we started working with Bob, we felt our accountant pushed our work and communication to their subordinates. However, we quickly realized Bob was hands-on and will get to know your entire financial situation. As both a business owner and a W2 employee, we sought a CPA with extensive expertise in these areas. We found this level of experience and a proactive communicator when we found Bob. It wasn’t just a once-a-year meeting anymore, and now after many, many years with Bob as our CPA, he handles our children’s tax planning and preparation too.”


“When we first began working together, I had unique financial circumstances. Therefore, I needed someone who would dig in and work through the questions I was facing. And I didn’t want to be in a situation where I was second-guessing or wasting money. Bob brings a broader set of knowledge. He can speak to financial planning, insurance, corporate tax, M&A, and more. Bob is mindful in his considerations, he is incredibly responsive, and I feel I get the expertise I want at a fair price.”


“Many years ago, we found Bob when our previous accounting firm shut down, and we needed to get some auditing work done. We have family businesses and commercial properties. Bob has a lot of energy, extremely knowledgeable, and he shares his knowledge freely. He asks many questions, makes suggestions, and provides recommendations. This information gives me the confidence to make informed decisions. Now, all of my children are with him too!”


“I run various hospitality and property management businesses made up of several different entities, making our taxes complex and dynamic. I have confidence that Bob is looking at my entire situation. Bob and the Cohen CPA Strategies LLC team not only do proactive planning, but they also did a retroactive tax analysis that resulted in amending some returns and the receipt of some refunds. He does a great job with the data and keeping everything straight, not to mention intellectual fortitude. Now, many of my family members who own businesses also work with Cohen CPA Strategies LLC. I have and will continue to refer people to Cohen CPA Strategies LLC for tax services.”


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